03 January 2010

The New Year's Changes...

O.k., I'm not exactly one to set up the infamous new year's resolutions, but I've started doing a few things lately and it just happens to be the first of the year. Our family, as a whole, has decide to start doing a few things to make ourselves healthier. Well, actually my family has decided to to do things that will hopefully make me healthier. Here is the thing, I have fibromyalgia. The last month or so I have really been researching fibromyalgia and exactly how to have a normal life with it. In this time I have taken myself off all of the wonderful prescriptions (this is sarcasm) and have moved toward a more organic and gluten free lifestyle. The good news... I am starting to feel so much better!!!
One of our biggest changes has been with cleaning. Not just of our house. Last night Nia and I whipped up a batch of homemade shampoo. And, according to a friend, our hair appears to be perfectly clean. Our house hold chemicals have been replaced with white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, borax, washing soda, soap, and rubbing alcohol. That's it, no more laundry detergent, or multipurpose cleaner.
Organic lifestyle? What this means is you try to buy used, be and eat chemical free, recycle, that kinda stuff. What some might label hippie stuff minus the the whole free love and pot parts.
We are also doing gluten free. This would be a big change for most, but really our family didn't do a ton of wheat products anyway. The kids haven't even noticed yet in fact.
The last step I have included is to start taking a handful of vitamins.
All of this has really helped. I'm sleeping better, thinking better, moving better, in much less pain, and my heart is beating regularly again (I have had and irregular heart beat for 6 years now).