Our Family

Crystal (me)
 I’m the momma to four spectacular children and the wife to the most amazing, compassionate man I have ever known. I have 11 years experience as an educator either in public schools or at home. I enjoy using my creative side to educate my own kiddos, working with kids in my community, and doing crafts.

He’s the daddy. Strong, gentle and wise are the best words I can us to describe this man. He is firm in his faith and always on the move. John puts God first and his family isn’t too far behind. He is an amazing father, this guy has even coached cheerleading just to be supportive of his oldest little princess. People are constantly impressed with his vast knowledge and the amount of work he can accomplish in a short amount of time. He is also the best husband hands down.

Sania (Nia)
Age 13. The Stealthy Nurturer. She is a deep thinker and full of life. This gal loves nature, the water, and reading books. She is also very artistic and creative like her momma. She is a natural born leader that gently takes control when in groups. Great with younger children and technology, this kid totally rocks at being a big sis. Sania also has mad skills with a pencil and sketch pad. Another of her talents is cooking.
One of Nia's most amazing qualities is how she is always doing nice things for those she cares about. She always seems to know exactly what to do and say to get smiles on others faces.

Age 7. THE Boss. Don’t get me wrong she is probably also the sweetest little girl you’ve ever met. Anara just has a way to get every and anyone to do exactly what she wants. She has no qualms in telling people what they need to do or what they have done (right or wrong). She is a little prayer warrior, she prays for anyone she knows needs it. She also loves doing little things for people to bring a smile to their face.
This kid is a firecracker. She calls herself a ‘dare angel’ because she dislikes the term dare devil. Anara has tons of energy and will do anything that looks fun once and if the fun factor outweighs the pain, she’ll do it again.

Cameron (Cam)
Age 2. The Lady's man. This guy is a serious flirt with all the ladies. His likes include his family, music, making people laugh, and anything with wheels. Very independent and opinionated. He may not have many words yet, but he definitely gets his point across... and it's usually in a way that intentionally invokes much laughter.

The newest member of our family was just born May 2013! He may be little, but he has a mighty big personality already. This little mister has to constantly be moving. His favorite thing right now is tring to keep up with his older siblings and trig trying to be as big as he can. He has a fiery temper to match that red hair trying to grow on his head, but otherwise the happiest baby you could ever find.

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