05 December 2011

Family Photos (November 2011)

Nia showing Granddaddy how to use his new iphone. This was just a week before my dad had a massive stroke.

This was taken the first day Cameron reached for a toy. I love that my phone has the video feature, I saw he was doing this and was able to get it on video.

I was playing with Cam here. I would give him kisses and then he made a little noise.

Nia took this while she was sitting one day

These first pictures were taken from my dad's hospital room

An outfit we picked up at a thrift store when our 3 day stay in Hopkinsville turned into 3 weeks  

Anara and Cameron with cousins Harold and Shamar 

John before an interview

the broken water filter that caused the house to flood

John's mom's back yard

Ann pretending to be in jail

Sunny Kentucky morning 

3 smiling children on a sunny day, does life get any better than this?

Part of the equipement used to fix the house. 

Someone using their arms to knit 

Thanksgiving dinner at henderson Memorial 

Good morning

Aunt Liz at the hospital with Cameron

Kentucky rush hour traffic 

sick Anara laying in bed, gagets make all things better

This reminded me of a horse I used to ride as a kid, and it was the same price. 

Cowgirl Annie

The Anara banana. I made one for Nia also, but it got eaten before I started taking pictures.