05 December 2011

Family Photos (October 2011)

Cameron sleeping in swing

having tummy time

doing Anara's hair before trunk or treat at Vineyard Church of Reynoldsburg. That's right matching costumes this year! I realize I have a small window when she will think this is cool and want to be a mini-me, so I'm totally eating this up.

Anara's kindergarten fall party. Thinking there wouldn't be much there for her to eat, I brought her several treats we picked up at the store or made at home. Some of the other kids were actually jealous of what she got.

Sania feeding Cam. She is so nurturing and he is so in love with his big sister!

I was at school when I took this. We had been given an assignment to take a quiet time, meditation on this scripture.

About to leave for church 

Cameron with his bear bear. This is when we realized he knew how to give kisses. He would hold up the bear, then pull it close, and give it kisses. We often did the same to Cameron, and this was so cute. 

Super Baby!!

super cranky baby

bear bear was the only toy he would play with this month 

On a date with John at Caribou Coffee

At church

Jeff playing guitar 

Cameron wanting coffee? Maybe, or he just likes the cup.

We are looking into sending the girls to this school 

At Denny's memorial service

Naked baby in a Dr. Seuss diaper

Anara giving Cameron skin time. Anara loves doing this for him.

This disco ball officially makes John's office the coolest ever

We get them started early on the computer in the Richards' house

This is what I get when I ask John to smile

A sleeping baby Cameron in a quilt made by the grandmother of Josh Hicks.

I thought this logo was funny

"No. You may not take my little brother."


Classmates, John was taking the pic. We had showed up at the time we were told, unfortunately we were told the wrong time and the service we showed up for for 2 hours later. 

I thought this picture turned out cool of Nia and her foot. She hates feet right now so she hates this picture.

Out to dinner with Elizabeth 

Picking apples at Lynd's farm. The girls went on a hay ride.

Cameron slept the whole time

October was fire prevention month so the local fire houses opened up to the public. This is at the Little Turtle Fire House. Nia said she was to old to join in the fun of climbing all over a fire truck... which then turned into being served snow cones and popcorn by firemen. 

The truck charging 

in an ambulance 

Japanese restaurant 

Campout in mom and dad's room. John made the girls a tent under his desk. 

We found a very yummy gluten free pizza place called Run-a-way Pizza. Ann can eat whole pizza by herself

Another one I took of Cam and I

This is what happens to my face when I eat something I am not supposed to. Sometimes it's much worse. The left side has a loss of muscle control and feeling and if you look close enough you can tell I have a really bad rash/break out.

Chinese = Sun Lon Duck

This was brought in to the Bible study that John is teaching right now

Youth Night: Progressive Dinner

Elaine and Nate


No one really likes this photo of us. I really don't have many pictures of myself, especially with the kids. I'm just usually the one taking pictures (this one included) so I'm not in many. Anyway, since it's one of few, I'm keeping it.

This turned out funny. He was just starting to spit up as I snapped this, and it kid of looks like he has two really large front teeth. Ok, so that's a little gross, but still funny. 

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