04 December 2011

Home Sweet Home

Whew, after a 2 1/2 week stay in Kentucky, the Richards family is back in Ohio. Yes it's nice to be home, but it leaves me stressed. After this trip home, I really feel that we are needed back in Kentucky. It has made me realize that our parents need us to be closer. The last few weeks our parents have been flooded (literally) with difficult events that we needed to be there to help them with. So, we are looking into moving back.
My parents and my mother-in-law, live in a very rural area. John and I moved away because there just were not a lot of job opportunities there. We have really been weighing out the pros and cons of going back, however  the biggest issue would be if either of us could find a job. Ideally we would move back around June of the coming year.
One option is for us both to work as substitute teachers until we could find better paying, more stable employment. The down side to this, is we want to move early this summer, and generally substitutes don't work at all until August. So work = no money. Then there are school breaks which also equal no cash flow for substitutes.

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