28 November 2011

Family Photos (August 2011)

So here is August...

This first picture, Cameron is wrapped up in a fleece blanket that Val added a yellow crochet border to. I think it's so cute!

At this point I was taking a lot of pictures of Cameron while he was asleep on me.

Here is another one I tried to take of the 2 of us.

Can you believe how grown up Nia is getting. She is very good at taking care of little kids.

She is also good at taking care of mom. I was ordered by my doctor to stay in bed because of a tear in my uterus that got infected. This is a snack Nia brought me.

Cameron's fancy stroller. We had gone to visit John at his work and then went out for Japanesse for lunch. These pictures are from the restaurant. 

This box was Cameron's car seat. Why take a picture of it in the box? Well Nana had to order it twice. Both were delivered to our front porch, but the first was stolen right off of it. When this one arrived I was feeding Cam, so I took a picture of it in the box to text to my mom.

First bath

Breast feeding! He looks so small here. I am so excited I can feed him this way.

I like how this one turned out with John in the back ground.

Cameron got Cradle cap all over his face and upper torso, I had no idea that could happen. It shows up as little red bumps.

Nia's favorite coffee cup is on the floor next to her.

This yellow cloud blanket was Anara's when she was baby

The first day of Kindergarten! 

We arrived 30 minutes early (by mistake) and went into her class when we were suposed to stay outside. But at least I got to get some pics of her desk.

Getting off the bus that afternoon. We have nearly a bus full of elementary students in our complex.

I took this one from above by standing on the stairs and leaning over the banister 

John playing xbox connect 

Love, love, love these next two. We were at a baseball game. We left the game a little early so I could get home to feed Cameron for the next feeding. Cam and I weren't so great at feedings yet and doing one in public was out of the question at that point in time. It was good thing we left too. A thief had decided to pick a car parked close to ours to break into. Our presence stopped him from breaking into that car and probably several others where we were parked. 

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