28 November 2011

Unexpected challenges

The themes of Cameron's babyhood seem to be "water, water everywhere" and "exactly how much of that 'essental' baby gear do you really need?" To say our family has had a few unexpected challenges would be putting mildly. Last week my father had a stroke. He lost the ability to speak and can not move one side of his body. As soon as we herd what had happened, we loaded up the kids and headed south.
Update: It's been almost 2 weeks since my dad's stroke and he is doing much beter than the doctor's thought he would be doing. It is going to be a long, challenging process, but I just know he is going to make even more progress.

Luckily, John's mom has a big enough house to comfortable accommodate an extra 5 people living there and is graciously happy to take us in on the spur of the moment. We arrived on Thursday for what we thought would be a 3 to 4 day stay. After seeing my dad we realized I needed to stay much longer. My dad has now been in the hospital for 10 days with no signs of being released anytime soon. John, however had to go back home Sunday to go work on Monday morning. This brings us to our next challenge...

Last Sunday we woke up to Nia telling us the house was flooded. A water filter cracked inside the fridge and left half the downstairs covered in water. Workers were here daily last week and will be for at least one more week if not longer.

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