28 November 2011

Cameron Nicolas Richards

I have really been a slacker about posting since Cam was born. I really want this to change though. This post will be all about Cam then hopefully tomorrow I will add more pics, starting from the day he was born. We have taken a ton and we have several really great ones I want to share!

These are all of my happy little guy at around 3 1/2 months. If he is awake, I generally get to see that amazing smile.

My intentions were to post for each one of his milestones, but obviously that hasn't happened. I have been putting them into his calendar. Since I haven't been home in a while I figured I will keep up with them by posting his new ones on here.
Tuesday, Nov. 22 - 1st tooth
Friday, Nov. 25 - 2nd tooth, ate bananas (which he did not like. I have given this to him for 3 days in a row now, and each day he likes them less.)
Sunday, Nov. 27 - Cam started making monkey noises today. When we tell him he is making monkey noises he makes them louder and for a longer time. If in the future we call him monkey, that nick name started today.

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