28 November 2011

Family Photos (late July 2011)

The morning I went to the hospital to be induced. Cameron came very early the next morning. I wanted one last picture of that baby belly.

The first pictures of my precious boy just after he was cleaned up. I have of some of him and me before this, I just have to figure out which device they are on.

Cameron and me 

Cameron and John

Skin time. I could fit him inside this dress for about 3 weeks after he was born. Doctors have learned that for a while after birth, when babies are against their mother's skin, the babies release hormones that tell the mother's body what temperature is needed to keep the baby warm. The mother's body then instantly goes to this temperature.  This proved to be an excellent way to keep him warm and comfortable. 


Some may say that smile is caused by gas bubbles, but he has not stopped smiling yet.

Sleeping wrapped up in a blankie made by mommy

Welcome home sign Nia made for us when we brought Cameron home from the hospital. You could see the art easel through the front window of our townhouse as you walked up to the door. I thought this was so sweet.

When Cameron was a new born I would leave him just in his diaper and put him inside my shirt so he could spend the whole day having skin time. This was actually planned, but would have had to happen this way even if we hadn't planned it. When the house flooded, we couldn't find many articles of Cameron's clothing for a few weeks. 

I absolutely love this picture of all three of my babies!

Motherhood is best when you see your little ones loving 

Anara is so proud to be a big sister

Cameron laying on me. I continue to try to get a decent picture of the two of us together, but it's kind of hard when I am generally the only one taking the pictures.

He looks so peaceful amongst the chaotic mess of our flooded house

He looks in deep thought

Laying on me 

At first I did not produce milk, so Cameron was bottle feed formula until the day it came in. Since, he has generally had 3 to 5 bottles a week. Well until this trip down to KY, with me running back and forth to Nashville Cameron has taken up to 3 bottles in one day. 

This is what I took with my phone at the end of July, maybe tomorrow I will have time to add August. If I get really ambitious I will hunt down the rest of the photos on our other devices and add those when I get back to Ohio.

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