11 May 2014

Ember is One!

Ember had his first birthday last weekend. I really can't believe how big this boy has gotten over the last year and how much he has changed. It has been a long hard year for our family with moving and illness, but Ember has definitely made hard times filled with happy moments. I really can't remember what our family was like before he was here. He really does complete us.
A few statements about my little mister...
-He is the happiest baby you have ever met.
-He loves his family dearly.
-He never meets a stranger or misses an opportunity to flirt.
-He is truly upset when he sees one of us upset.
-He really tries to be helpful.
-Very laid back and easygoing.
-I am constantly asked, "Is he always this good?" to which the answer is always, "Yes."
-His nicknames are The Doctor and Mister.
-He can say the names of everyone in the family and a few other people also.
-Mommy is his favorite (maybe that is because I am writing this post).
-He seems to enjoy everything.
-He is smart and very observant.

For his birthday we took him to the corvette museum and Chaney's dairy barn in Bowling Green the day before. Then on Sunday, his actual birthday we had a spur of the moment party. I think most of the best moments in life are the ones that are unplanned. Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Cam wound up with a toy replica of this yellow one. He calls it 'my cool car.'

This motorcycle was parked outside of the museum. John really likes motorcycles and this one was really neat looking.

The ice cream and play ground shots were taken at Chaney's

Em LOVED this wagon, we decided we should get one. It would make the quarter mile trek to and from grandma's house just a pinch easier some days.

Before you enter the actually corvette museum. This white one is in the lobby for people to pose in. 

 New Toys! He got the getting on this one ok, but it took a while to get him to go down. He still isn't fully convinced that this is the intention of the toy.

The infamous first birthday messy cake photos

and last but not least, just letting him chill and play with his toys before bed.