28 June 2011

Victor's Party

Saturday, Ann and I went to the birthday party of one of her old friends. Ann went to preschool with him and they had not seen each other in several months. She has been looking forward to the event for several weeks and had a delightful time when the day arrived. In these pictures you really only see Ann and Victor, but there were about a dozen kids there including a few more from their preschool class. It was really nice for Ann to get to see everyone again. Ann had a snickers bar instead of cake and ate ice cream while the other kids were eating pizza (I didn't know they were having pizza or I would have brought her something to have in it's place). The party was at Kingdom of Bounce. A place I had never heard of before. We will definitely take her back to play there sometime and may even check out the prices on birthday parties for next year. 

26 June 2011

Safety City Graduation

Ann graduated Safety City this last Friday. She has had so much fun there these last two weeks, I wish it could last all summer for her. I took pictures of this with our actual camera instead of my phone like all of the other pictures on my blog. We'll see how long it actually takes me to get those pictures uploaded and added to this post.

And only 3 weeks later her are pictures! These are all of the Safety City Camp pictures not just graduation.

Inside Safety City

Telling a police officer her phone number and address

Stopping at a stop sign 

Stopping at a traffic light

Graduation certificate

Squirt the robot (he could speak, follow the kids around and squirt water at them!) and a fireman.

Police car robot

Sparky the fire safety dog

On a fire truck

The ceremony 

After the graduation I let Ann pick out where to eat. Her favorite restaurant right now is Noodles and Company, or as she calls it Company Noodles. So, after about 2 seconds of thinking about it she screamed out, "Company Noodles, Company Noodles, Company Noodles!" It's one of the few places we can go and just order with out making a huge fuss about being gluten free. We can order regular food off of the regular menue and have to make any adjustments to it.  It was a really nice day, slight over cast and around 70 degrees. So, we ate outside. 

Ann with her mac 'n' cheese rice noodles

Nia and her pod Thai. 

Me using my pregnant tummy as a table. Isn't Cameron talented being able to balance a cup of lemon aid on his feet like that? 

Next we quickly dropped Nia off at the house and Ann took me to the doctor. This started 'taking me to the doctor' as a way to give Nia some alone time, but really has become a very important role for Anara. I think it helps her connect with becoming a big sister. She is very interested in all the gagets the staff at the office use to check on baby Cam. She asks them questions and tells them them things that she thinks are important for them to know. She holds my hand and rubs my arm when she feels like something unusual is going on. She is really very supportive. She has asked to come to the hospital when he is delivered, and even though I think she would do fine, it's just not the place for a 4 year old. Maybe if she were about 10 years older. 

After my appointment, I took her to get ice cream and cold stone. 

Nia's Mommy Daughter Date

As the birth of baby Cameron draws closer I decided to get in some quality one on one time with each of the girls. Thursday was Nia's turn. After dropping her sister off at Safety Camp we headed to downtown Westerville for coffee at Heavenly Cup and a relaxing stroll through the cute shops. Nia picked out a wedding dress she liked at Bella Laccio Bridal (we won't be needing that for a decade or 2). We saw cute little kid clothes at Hey Diddle Diddle then went upstairs to Gallery 202 to take in some art. We window shopped at many of the other stores before ending our trip at Westerville Antiques. 

This is a cabinet I really liked at the antique store.

We also picked up a really cool turquoise ring for Nia at the same shop. 

25 June 2011

False Alarm

John and I were sitting in class this morning and it was very hard to concentrate because I started having contractions. They were 2 minutes apart. After the first hour we left class and went by the house to pick up a few things and tell the girls we were going to the hospital. We got to the hospital at the top of the second hour. Contractions still going strong. After nearly another hour, the contractions began to get weaker and farther apart. At hour 3 they had just about stopped and I was not dilated at all so, back home we went.

23 June 2011

Found a new Park

I feel fortunate to live in an area blessed with so many public parks. I have been passing this one on the way back and forth to Safety Camp and the girls and I decided to check it out.

We were hoping for another great playground, but decided this was a cool trade off. We almost didn't go down the little road that leads to this area. we had driven around the entire rest of the park were we found a large, free frisbee golf course and a few picnic areas. The road to this area was smaller and didn't look like it would do anything but dead end. The park itself is away from everything on the very edge of town, in fact you pass through some farm land to get to this side of the park. On the other side of the damn and other side of the bank is a different story. There are large neighborhoods and booming businesses. I have actually passed by the top of this several time with out realizing what was on the other side.

Ultrasound Picture

The first ultrasound picture of Cameron's face!!

Previously he has been facing backward or had his feet and hands crossed overs his face. The later has happened 3 times. So even though this is only a partial view, I am so excited to see what my baby boy looks like. I think he has John's cheeks and nose.

Dinner Conversation with Ann

This is Ann's favorite dress, it has a Paris scene around the bottom. I think this is what inspired our dinner conversation tonight. It was just the two of us eating together tonight. 

Ann: Mom, you know what drives me crazy?
me: What?
Ann: Myself.
me: Yourself?
Ann: Myself.
me: What about yourself drives you crazy.
Ann: Moving.
me: Then moving drives you crazy, not yourself. We are not moving so you don't have feel crazy about it.
Ann: I never want to move again.
me: Well, I'm sure we will move eventually, just not anytime soon.
Ann: But what about our stuff, I'll miss our stuff.
me: Don't worry we will take it with us.
Ann: What about our kitchen, I like our kitchen, I'll miss our kitchen.
me: Remember our old kitchen?
Ann: Yes.
me: This kitchen is way better than our last kitchen, maybe our next one will be even better.
Ann: Ok, but we have to move to France.
me: France? Why France?
Ann: We have to move to France so we don't have to learn how to speak English.
me: We are speaking English and if we move to France we will have to learn how to speak French.
Ann: Ok, we can learn French.

14 June 2011

Safety City Camp

Yesterday, Ann headed off to camp for the first time! 

She was so excited and had so much fun both yesterday and today. Safety City last for 2 weeks. She learns about things like dialing 911, goes of field trips to fire and police stations, and they have a mock city the kids get to practice safety rules while pedaling around on trics.

13 June 2011

Ann's Big Sister Class

Ann took a visit to the hospital that baby Cam will be born in this weekend for tour and a big sister class. First she went to a class room and got to practice her big sis skills. She took her favorite doll Grassy to use as her baby.

How to hold a baby with their head in your elbow.

Changing a diaper (which she has assured me that she NEVER wants to do).

Burping a baby after feeding them. 

She also learned a few more skills and took a tour of the maternity ward. Although, the thing she found most interesting on the maternity ward was the window that over looked the parking lot. All the kids on the tour took turns pointing out their car. At the end of the tour we went back to the class room and she got a coloring book, crayons, and a big sister pen to wear to the hospital when Cameron arrives.  

Baby Shower!!

Two of my friends threw me a baby shower this last Friday. I don't know why, but I didn't take any photos while I was there. It was a lot of fun and we were given some much needed items for baby Cam. The best part was being able to hang out and catch up with old friends. I have been truly blessed the last few years to have these women in my life.

10 June 2011

John and Ann

I love, love, love this picture of John and Ann

Annie Being a Bird