09 June 2011

What I've been making while we were sick

This little scarf was for Ann. She loves to feel on things, so I thought I would whip this up to give her something to rub on while she was down and out. She was so sick in this photo, but she gave me a true smile. 

This is the baby blanket that I made for our friends, Derek and Jeri, that had their baby, Elijah, this weekend. I really love how it turned out. So much I went and picked up 3 different colors to do the same pattern for baby Cam. The yarn I picked out for Cam will not make good tassels though.

Another scarf. My friend Elizabeth has a pasion for purple. I had 1 ball of purple yarn so I turned it into this scarf for her. I thought it would be enough, however I ran out so I added some 2 tone gray and purple to it. I like how it turned out also. My model was less than thrilled to have it around her neck. Can't blame her, she had just come in from outside where it's 90 degrees today. 

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