23 June 2011

Dinner Conversation with Ann

This is Ann's favorite dress, it has a Paris scene around the bottom. I think this is what inspired our dinner conversation tonight. It was just the two of us eating together tonight. 

Ann: Mom, you know what drives me crazy?
me: What?
Ann: Myself.
me: Yourself?
Ann: Myself.
me: What about yourself drives you crazy.
Ann: Moving.
me: Then moving drives you crazy, not yourself. We are not moving so you don't have feel crazy about it.
Ann: I never want to move again.
me: Well, I'm sure we will move eventually, just not anytime soon.
Ann: But what about our stuff, I'll miss our stuff.
me: Don't worry we will take it with us.
Ann: What about our kitchen, I like our kitchen, I'll miss our kitchen.
me: Remember our old kitchen?
Ann: Yes.
me: This kitchen is way better than our last kitchen, maybe our next one will be even better.
Ann: Ok, but we have to move to France.
me: France? Why France?
Ann: We have to move to France so we don't have to learn how to speak English.
me: We are speaking English and if we move to France we will have to learn how to speak French.
Ann: Ok, we can learn French.

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