28 June 2011

Victor's Party

Saturday, Ann and I went to the birthday party of one of her old friends. Ann went to preschool with him and they had not seen each other in several months. She has been looking forward to the event for several weeks and had a delightful time when the day arrived. In these pictures you really only see Ann and Victor, but there were about a dozen kids there including a few more from their preschool class. It was really nice for Ann to get to see everyone again. Ann had a snickers bar instead of cake and ate ice cream while the other kids were eating pizza (I didn't know they were having pizza or I would have brought her something to have in it's place). The party was at Kingdom of Bounce. A place I had never heard of before. We will definitely take her back to play there sometime and may even check out the prices on birthday parties for next year. 

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