02 July 2011

Red, White, & Boom 2011

For the third year in a row we have celebrated Independence day with Red, White, & Boom. The first year we scouted out a spot amongst a huge crowd a few hours before the fireworks started then were stuck in trafic for a good hour after they ended. John realized last year the best view was from the one of many interstate bridges or ramps around town. So for the last 2 years that is where we have been. This has allowed us to avoid the huge crowd, the bugs, the traffic after, and the view is fantastic as Ann puts it. This year however, we noticed many cars were given tickets for being stopped on the interstate, so we may have to make different plans next year.

A local radio station hooks up with the city each year to play music that is some what choreographed to the fireworks. Not the music I would personally chose for an Independence day celebration, but we have listened to it each year. As we watched the show and listened to the music, Ann sat on my lap and patted my belly. Cameron genitally kicked her hand as she patted. It was very cool to feel and see how they are interacting. She also gave commentary as to what he would be saying if he could see the fireworks. 

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