05 July 2011

I'm so ready for Cameron to Come

We had another false alarm yesterday. This makes a total of 3 trips to the hospital with expectations of leaving with Cameron in my arms instead of in my belly. This time we waited for the contractions to be 2 minutes apart for a full 6 hours before we went to the hospital. My concern is that when I actually do go into labor, I will just assume it's another false alarm and wait to long before I decide to get myself to the hospital. With Nia I was in labor for 36 hours. The first 30, I was given medications to make it stop though. Ann was different story, only 5 hours there, but I was induced. So there is really no telling how long it would have taken me to deliver either of them. 

Last weeks ultrasound estimated the baby's weight at 7 lbs 11 oz. He has been growing about 2 oz. a day so that will put hi at about 8 lbs 7oz today. Whew, he is getting big! A few months ago my doctor said we have a goal of keeping him in until the 5th. Today is the 5th, so he can come out!

We have everything ready for him now. He will be sharing a room with us for a while so and it is all set up with everything in it's place. Eventually Cameron will be sharing a room with Ann and everything is in it's place in that room also. Well almost, today Ann decided today she wants to move her doll house to the other side of the room and put her lamp next to her desk. She has a huge doll house, so I cannot move it. However, that will take john less than 3 minutes to accomplish. 

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