15 July 2011

The last few days

Here are pictures of a few things we have been doing!

the Girls at Sun Long Duck, our favorite Chinese restaurant!

Nia reading a comic book from the iPad

Playing in the rain. We had a freakishly fast and unexpected rain storm last week. It was a serious down poor that only lasted about 15 minutes. The girls had fun though.

Last week we also had a little visitor for a few days. You can just see Carl's head as he sleeps on John.

Ann has been begging for months to go to class with John and I. So we finally decided to bring her along. We thought she would be so board she would never ask again. We were wrong, she asks daily when she gets to go back. Who knew a 4 year old would find a 3 hour class on theology so interesting?

Ann pumping Gas.

Giving mommy kisses after getting her hair done.

A big event at the beginning of this week included a not baby related, overnight stay at the hospital. John and I went to dinner with Elizabeth over the weekend at a place with a gluten free menue. I ordered soup off the gluten free menue, but was given soup from the regular menue. It takes 2 to 5 days for wheat to get a full reaction from a body that can't have it. Monday I didn't wake up til after noon and when Nia gave me a hug she told me my heart was barely beating. My pulse rate had dropped to 34 and I felt horrible. They kept me in the hospital to monitor the baby and me. Everything is fine, but it will take a few weeks for all the gluten to leave my system. I am still in some pain from the incident. I would not have expected such a severe reaction from such a small amount of wheat. I'm just glad I had heart burn the night we went to dinner or I would have ordered a full plate of pasta. 
Here is a picture of the space John was given to sleep on. I think Cameron's crib is actually bigger.

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