Why We Homeschool

We haven’t always homeschooled. In fact, when my oldest was just a tot, I would have lectured you on the need for social development that I was sure you couldn’t get through a homeschool setting at the meer suggestion of it. So what changed? My oldest, Sania, went to regular school until 4th grade. Each year we realized a little more that she wasn’t getting exactly what she needed through her education (read Nia's Journey here) and tried different things to try and "fix" the issues. After some praying, a lot of research, and meeting a few other homeschooling families that seemed to have perfectly normal children,  John and I decided to homeschool.

It was a decision that took us several months to come to. Even after realizing this is the best choice for Sania, we kept the attitude that it may or may not be the right choice for our other children. So, in 2011 as all of Anara’s friends were headed off to climb on the big yellow bus and she begged to join them, we let her. It soon became apparent though, that little Anara would be in for an even bumpier road than Nia if we didn’t equip her with some of the same tools and a few different ones that we were already using with her big sister.

The kids and I also have gluten issues which we found out about the first year we began homeschooling. There are over 200 symptoms that coincide with us eating wheat gluten, so lets just say, we can't eat it. The year Anara went to public school, we found dealing with gluten in the school painfully (both physically and emotionally) challenging impossible. It was 1/2 day Kindergarten so the lunchroom wasn't even a factor.

Now we are at the point that we have decided to just homeschool. Sure it’s possible some unforeseen circumstance could change this, but we realize it’s what is best for our kids, their learning style, and our family.

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