05 December 2011

Family Photos (September)

Here are a few videos and some of the photos from September.

Cameron crying. Ok, it may seem silly to record your baby crying, but I wanted it.

Cameron playing with his baby gym.

I think he had the hiccups in this one.

Ann telling Cameron she loves him.

Lady, the dog, doing what she loves best.

I love the pics of the kids when they are using something that is special to another of the kids. This is Anara's blanket that I made her. Above you see Cam in an M&M blanket. That one is Nia's that I embroidered her Name on.

Super bicycling Anara!

Nia building a bookcase

Waiting for the bus in the rain

That is my car behind her head. Cameron is waiting in the car. He had his 2 month check up right after.

A daily activity in the house was that Nia laid down with Cameron and watched a history documentary after Anara left for school. Unfortunately this old couch broke and went to trash bin ending this routine for them.

Nia has really been into the goosebumps series lately. Actually, it is about the only thing she is reading lately.

mmm, Nia and her tea. 

Unplug, unplug... unplug

Baby feet!

Nia made the monster blood punch from the Monster Blood book.

Breast feeding. The blanket in the background was mine when I was a baby.

At Cap City Dinner. 

Having Mexican with friends, Anara took these pictures.

Anara loving on Cameron. She is wearing her field trip shirt. Her field trip to the pumpkin patch was rescheduled 3 times before her class actually got to go.

Spaghetti squash. A farmer at the Easton farmers' market introduced me to this veggie a few months ago. Nia and I love it with Alfredo sauce. It may be my favorite food.

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