28 April 2011


With this pregnancy, I am at risk for preterm labor. So, I have a nurse that comes to my house weekly to give me a hormone injection. The injection stops me from cramping and having contractions. However, around day 5 or 6 after the injection they come back. Today, my nurse and I decided to move the injections from every 7th day to every 6th day in hopes at keeping them at bay. Today I received my injection, but my cramps and contractions have not gone away yet. Sometimes it takes til the next day before they stop. When they start I have 2 options: 1) lie down or 2) sit with my feet up. At any rate, I am out of commission for the rest of day. I find this very frustrating. With the baby coming, there is so much to get done. With 2 kids home already, there is so much to already do. I get cranky when this happens. My husband gets stressed. Then I start to get sad.

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