17 August 2011

It's Been a Crazy, Exciting Month!!!

So it's been exactly 1 month since my last post; where does the time go?
What have we been up to?

Grandma Niece came for a short visit during Anara's birthday and Cameron's birth.

Anara's Birthday

The night before, Anara opened all of her presents and pilled them up on dad. Everyone thought this was hilarious! Well, everyone except dad.

On her birthday, we invited Mia over and went to Kingdom of Bounce and Orange Leaf ice cream. They also went swimming and had a water ballon fight. Generally this day is reserved for King's Island, but with a quickly approaching delivery, we thought we should stay in town.

After Mia went home Grandma Niece bought Anara a new bike and we took it to the park.
We also went to Build-a-Bear Workshop and had dinner at Max and Erma's

Ann got to ring the birthday bell at Build-a-Bear.

 Here she is putting the finishing touches on the cake dad and her made.

Welcoming Cameron!!

The next morning John and I headed off to St. Ann's Hospital.
This was around 4 a.m. on the 20th.

I was given medication to induce labor at about 7 and at 9:30 I had my first contraction. 16 1/2 hours later with 2 good pushes, we had a sweet baby boy. I had a great nursing staff at the hospital. I have to say this was the most pleasant of all my births. There were 2 nurses at my service at all times. Usually in room with me or going to get me things to make me more comfortable. After the birth, I spent the next 2 hours holding him. Then he and I both got cleaned up and headed to our post pardum room.

This picture is of Cameron about 4 am the morning of his birth. 

John and I spent the rest of that day bonding with our new, wonderful baby boy.

Saturday, the 23rd, the three of us were welcomed home by two doting sisters, grandma Niece, and this sign that Nia made.

I found out that day that I would actually be able to breast feed this time around! 

The Flood

That night, well around 2 the next morning, the bottom floor of our town house flooded. John and Nia quickly got a lot of our stuff upstairs. The following morning several friends came to help get anything else salvageable from the swamp that was previously the master bedroom, nursery, laundry, and storage area. 
This was our dinning room for the next couple of weeks.

Living in half of our house with everything topsy turvy made for a good bonding environment though. Now if we could just find his clothes...  

Our house still isn't totally back together, flooding with a new baby is about 3 times the stress as moving with a new baby.

When we haven't been taking care of baby or recuperating from the flood we have been getting ready for Kindergarten and homeschool for the 6th grade. John and I have had school. Several friends have brought us dinner.
Catherine Trollin came over the day of the flood and made us dinner here as her husband Mike helped moving things.
The Kauffman's brought us Chili.
Jeri Heilman has made us two incredible meals, a mexican dish and pork/rice dish to die for. 
Elizabeth brought us Cap city.
Laura brought us Little Dragon.
Tami gave us a gift card to Chick-fil-a.

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