17 January 2013

Health Issues

Lately I have been having a few little health issues, mostly with my heart. I won't go into the exact details, it makes me crazy tired and causes me to randomly black out. Both of these things are compounded by low sodium levels. My doctor has told me to spend most of my time resting. This is annoying phrase to me that doctors seem to throw around a bit. They generally don't give specifics on this. So I asked how much is most of my time? My doctor further explained this by saying I should spend a lot of time in bed and otherwise sitting with my feet up. So, I'm still not exactly sure as to how much time I'm supposed to be resting as opposed to not resting. I have found that if I don't spend more than an hour or so a day on my feet, I generally feel ok. If I do to much in a day I really feel horrible for the next 3 or 4 days.

Needless to say 'The Go' hasn't been a big part of our homeschool lately. The blacking out makes it where I can't drive. The need for rest wouldn't allow me to stay anywhere for very long even if I could drive. I do get to out some, generally just to dinner or one quick shopping trip (don't worry, my husband drives). All of this staying in has made the kids a bit crazy and on each others nerves. They miss their friends and they just miss doing things in general.
Here are is a photo of the rest of family heading out so this mama could get some rest.

...and one of Cameron getting into mischief, his most favorite activity since mommy can't chase him down right now.

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