21 April 2013

1st Dance

This is a post I wrote about 2 weeks ago. I've been waiting to post it in hopes of one of Nia's friends having a few good photos to put with it. Our's didn't turn out well. Here is one shot of her getting ready.

Nia headed off to her first dance Saturday night. It was held at a local YMCA and hosted/payed for by Kaleidoscope Youth Center. My kids have hit several milestones this last month, and I'm not sure how well this momma or the papa that accompanies me is doing with all the transitions. Sania's milestones seem to be thrusting her into a more adult word, finishing challenging high school courses and going to dances. Anara has been on a mission to find a spark she had before contracting mono just over a year ago, which I feel is a very mature decision to make about yourself. Cameron, well he seems to find a new talent almost daily. His biggest achievement lately has been learning to screw and unscrew lids along with turning door handles.

Otherwise Saturday was a lazy, uneventful day. We mostly lounged on the couch watching TV, listening to an audio book, or playing games. Oh, and keeping this little monkey out of mischief!

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