12 December 2012


I try to get in a little yoga with the kids. It’s fun and easy and anyone can do it. Even Cameron joins in. Ever seen a 1 year old do yoga. Insanely CUTE!!! We have a copy of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids coloring book for the kids to flip through and pick poses they want to do. We have also learned a little by checking out books at the library and watching videos. Not pros by any means and it’s been years since I myself could be found on a yoga mat in a class, but it’s a fun way to ease the kids back into their work after I get lunch cleaned up.

A little update: My new favorite resource for doing yoga with the kids is YouTube. At Nia's suggestion, I did a quick little search for 'yoga kid' and a plethora of videos pop up. What's great is there are several different lengths of videos. So if you have 5 minutes for yoga today, done. If you have an hour, well good luck keeping your kids interested for that long, but there are videos long enough. I suggest the CosmicKidsYoga channel which currently has 5 kids yoga videos on it

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