06 February 2013

Episencial Bubble Bath Review

Product: Episencial Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath

What I paid: Nothing, but it retails for $9

Where I got it: I recieved this for free when agreeing to host a Healthy Child Party at www.healthychild.org You can purchase it on the Episencial.com

What I like: It is made with organic products and the even the bottle is earth friendly. My kids have ubber sensitive skin so I'm really reluctant to try anything out on them. This is free from additives and other icky stuff that could bother their skin though and it really doesn't have a sent. So I thought it was worth a try. The bubbles lasted a really long time also. Cameron and Anara tried it out together and since this was the first bubble bath either of them have ever had, they stayed in for long while. We re-warmed the water twice and there were still bubbles to be played with.

Could it be better: Love it how it is.

Do I recommend: Yep, in fact I 'm about to buy some more. I realize it's a bit more pricey than other bubble baths out there, but I really haven't seen another brand I would consider trying on my kids.

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