14 February 2013

Sisterly Love On Valentine's Day

This year Anara desperately wanted to have a Valentine's day party for a few of her friends. The plan was to do this, until mommy was put on bed rest. She has been completely bummed about the whole thing for several days now. So, last night, after ash Wednesday service at church, Nia had John take her to the store to buy Valentine's decorations and stuff to make cupcakes with. She did this with her own, hard owned money. Then she stayed up until about 1 a.m. decorating the house and making cupcakes. Nia left a package of the window clings, like pictured above, so Anara could put them up herself. Could you imagine growing up with Sania as a big sister?

The hearts here and in the next picture are all 1 banner. It's positioned to be over head as you walk down the last couple of steps of our stairs.

On a side note, the little man hanging from the ceiling in the top left of this picture has been there since July. He was a party favor at Anara's birthday party.

These cupcakes are gluten free with bubblegum flavor icing. Nia let my husband and I try one last night, they were so yummy.

Can't wait to see Anara's face when she wakes up!!

Here are some photos from when Anara got up

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