29 March 2013


My hubby ran across this volcano kit when looking around a little chain store called 5 Below. Not sure how big this chain is, I've only seen them around Columbus. Everything they sell is $5 or less. The kit came with a tiny volcano, baking soda, a dye pack, a pair of safety goggles, a tiny funnel, a set of plastic gloves, and a little back drop.

The girls opened it up the other day and had a lot of fun putting it together. It was still on the table when John got home from work. Thats when the real fun began. John and the kids proceeded to turn many items in the house into 'volcanos' and used up a cleaning size box of baking soda and  a gallon or so of vinegar. Oh, a little fyi here: if you run out of white vinegar while making a volcano, apple cider vinegar works just as well. Here are some pictures...

The volcano with the backdrop. The backdrop not to be confused with out table top which looks like a Capitan America comic book

Anara really liked the goggles. This was when she was fairly sick. I swear I have never met anyone that can stay as upbeat as this kid when they are sick.

Team work

Dad gets home and after a few runs with the volcano, a small vase is substituted in. The kit volcano was really small and kind of a challenge to work with. And there was a comment that went something like, "I wonder how big of a container I could make this work in? Babe, do we have any 2 litters?"

A larger container is found to house the volcano. Notice the 2 large bottles of vinegar on the table. Cameron joined in at this point and was really taken aback when what was inside started bubbling out.

Can you make out the huge grin on my little guy's face? After an initial freeze, he let out a squeal,  and went nuts over the little explosion that happened. I usually save things like this for his nap time, but I think I may have to change my attitude on that.

If you want to make your own volcano all you need is baking soda, vinegar, and a container shaped like an up side down funnel. Place it in a dish or something to catch all the liquid as it comes out of your 'volcano.' You can mix a little red food dye into the vinegar for the lava look. We found it easiest to place the baking soda into the volcano and then pour in the vinegar.

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