31 July 2013

Life Is A Whirlwind

There has been so much going on in our lives this summer it really does feel like life is an out of control whirlwind lately. Here are some of our recent and upcoming highlights:

He is truly amazing.
-He is just starting to say a few words. His first word was, "Dad." Which was done the first time while he was lying in his cradle. His cradle is between my bed and the bathroom door. John had just walked out of the bathroom and he happily said, "Dad!" He also says mama and Nia.
-Em sleeps really well. He started sleeping through the night at about 2 1/2 weeks and there have only been a few nights since when he has woken up. If I put him down before he gets to tired, then he will put himself to sleep in his own bed. He usually sleeps in his cradle, which is the same cradle his brother and 2 sisters also slept in. It and my own baby blanket are actually the only baby things I've had for all 4 kids.
-We recently found out he is lactose intolerant, not a fun process. Just take my word for it. My milk also dried out so he currently eats 26 to 32 ounces of Soy formula a day. No solids yet.
-Now that we have cut the cow's milk and he is getting enough food, he is an extremely happy baby that only cries when he is hungry or overly tired. He is also a huge flirt.
-His feelings are really hurt when you walk into a room he is in and don't speak to him, then the only way to make him happy is to pick him up.
-He loves watching Cameron play. Cam gives him toys, even though Ember can't play with them yet, I think it makes him feel big and included.

John will soon be working from home.
Because of my recent health issues, John asked his work if he could begin working from home on a permanent basis. This is so he can 1) be close by if I'm really sick, 2) not need the car when I have doctors appointments, and 3) he just likes being around the rest of us so much. The biggest change that this makes in our lives is that it allows us the freedom to move back home to Kentucky. Which brings me to our next point...

We Are Moving! 
Our house is currently a box city. We have it about 85% of it ready to be loaded onto the truck. The move is set for middle of the month. We however, do not currently have a confirmed spot to hang our hats.

Spending time in KY this summer.
The girls went down earlier this summer to spend time with the grandparents and when we went to pick them up, Anara decided to stay there until we move so that she can sign up for and begin soccer (and I'm thinking to also get out of packing and loading the moving truck).  Part of both trips down were spent looking for a place to rent... no luck on that part, so it looks like we will be staying with grandma for a week or few weeks until something becomes available. It's a small town so there really aren't a lot of rentals that will hold a family of 6 just sitting around empty. When we go to KY, my blood pressure goes down which helps me in recovering from...

Postpartum pre-eclampsia 
has been a complete hell. No really, completely horrible. In the first 8 weeks it boast a 1 in 5 death rate (glad to be past that point, I actually demanded a celebration). There was one evening I had fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV with John and Nia. When I woke up I said something and nobody responded. I said something else and again no response. Next I found myself asking out loud if I had actually died and if I was a ghost. John and Nia thought I was kidding, but I was seriously wondering if I was dead and if they could not hear me because of it. Not all better yet, but I'm getting there. Going through this without having family members close by has made it all even harder.

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