02 August 2013

Baby Wearing

When Nia was a baby, I purchased a used front baby carrier at a consignment store and HATED it. I was uncomfortable the one time I wore it and I was in constant fear of her falling out of it. This was long before I had heard the term attachment parenting or realized there was even more than one type of baby carrier. As much as I hated that 1st attempt at baby wearing, Ember hates being in a stroller. This has led me to searching out a few options.
By the time Anara came around it seemed the ring sling was all the rage. It was very simple to make and purchasing rings were just a click away. I really liked putting her in her sling and she seemed to like it also. However, I never considered it completely hands free. Anara has always  been wiggly so the fear of her wiggling right out of it was still present. Also, it seemed to bunch at that neck and though it did get the baby's weight off my arm I was then holding her with my nck. Carrying like this for a long time would be really hard. I generally used it when I was going somewhere I would be up and down a lot or I was just going to sit. I continued using it with Cameron. Ember has always seemed to long to comfortably be in it. Nia probably would have sit (similar to the baby below) in a ring sling for hours, but Anara and Cameron bent themselves backwards within seconds when I tried to do this with them.
I also now have this sling

It's a Seven Slings Baby Carrier. Works like the ring sling, but without the rings there is a bit more space for baby. Although it to would have been plenty easy to make, I got it free and just had to pay shipping. I keep it in the diaper bag although it's been used more as a nursing cover and blanket than as a sling, I have put Em in it a few times. He isn't big enough to sit in it like in this picture and now, even with the extra room not being taken up by rings, he is again to long to use the sling the other way. I do love that it is small enough to just stay in the diaper bag. I don't love that it isn't adjustable. It seemed huge the first few weeks. Em fit beautifully the next couple of months, but now it's just a to tight squeeze.
So, this week I bought fabric for a moby style wrap. I've always thought the moby was expensive (at between $50 to $70) for just a strip of fabric, but it is about 5 or 6 yards long. So, really the actual brand name one isn't that bad of price. After my first experience with a front carrier, I've never been able to justify buying the actual wrap or for that much fabric. So, when I went browsing though fabric and saw one that I thought would make a good wrap I was thrilled when I found out it was on clearance for $1.50 a yard. I could justify $9. 

I like it, it kind of pins the arms down a bit though. The baby weight is more spread out so I think I could easily walk around the mall with it on. I wore it while doing the dishes the other day. Em fell asleep and I wound up wearing him for his nap while I was sitting on the couch. I think I'd need a lot more practice to get it on all by myself and I'm not sure I would ever be able to get Ember into without an extra hand. 

This challenge (not that I'm ever alone) has led me to want this carrier

The Gaorui Baby Carrier, similar to the Ergo from what I have read. I've got the thumbs up for the purchase from the hubby, but I have to admit I'm waiting a few weeks in hopes Em will develop a new found love for one of the strollers we already own.

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