22 September 2013

Welcome Home! Our New House

Ahh, the feeling of having all of your stuff under one roof again. After moving back to my husband's and my hometown, it took a few weeks for the perfect rental to open up (it's a small town so there really aren't a ton of options out there). As frustrating as it may have been to move all of our stuff then move it all again, God had a plan. We stayed with my mother-in-law as we waited.
For the past 10 years when driving by this certain house on the street my husband grew up on, I have told my husband, "That would be the perfect house for us." His response was usually either, "I know, you've told me." or, "How do you know, you've never even been inside of that house." It's not the biggest, or the fanciest, or the most unique, nor does it have the best or biggest yard. There has just always been something about the house that has seemed to say to me, "I'm perfect for you guys." When we decided to move back to town I started praying that God would provide, "the perfect house for our family." So, when my husband walked in one night and said, "You know that house you think is perfect, there's a sign in the window that is is for sale or rent." I was ecstatic! We are renting it now with the option to purchase.

It seems to have just the right amount of space for our family right now. If we do purchase (which is the plan) we will likely add on 1 more room. I've already got the plan drawn in head. And, even with the cost of an addition, it has a great asking price for the neighborhood. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen with a really nice size eating space, large living room, and a very large bonus room that is being used as a playroom and homeschool room. Can't wait to get some pictures up when stuff gets just a little more settled around here.

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