02 April 2014

Some Answers!

I had a very good doctor's appointment today! Through very valued opinions I received from friends and people that read my blog and by a little research I have done, I came up with about half a dozen things all or several of my symptoms could point to (you can read about that here). My regular doctor was able to eliminate all but two of them through some of the many test that have been run on me over the last few months. What I was left with on that list are premenstrual dysphoric disorder (also called PMDD) and a handful of different types of migraines including Menstruation Related Migrans. Since the only possibilities from my findings that were left were menstruation related, I was sent to a gynecologist that agreed all my symptoms could very well be caused by a hormonal issue and we have a plan to get things set straight. I still have appointments with other specialist, but I really feel like we are on the right track.


  1. Great news! Hopefully the GYN can figure this out!

  2. She seemed quite certain it was either PMDD, menstruation related migrans, or both. There is no real test for them but, treatment for both are the same thankfully. Insurance requires we begin with the least invasive treatment and see how I react. So that is what we are doing.