24 June 2014

Health Update

Soooo, in the 13 1/2 months since Ember was born, I have been one sick momma. The first few months were the worst. My OB fells, that I just have never gotten over the postpartum preeclampsia and feels that a hysterectomy is the best way to go (there's more to it than that, but that is an explanation in a nutshell). I've had different responses from people about this, some good and some not. My opinion at this point is he can take off an arm if there is a possibility it will get me back to normal. I went in 2 weeks ago to schedule said hysterectomy and was told I was not well enough to schedule it, given some meds, given a suggestion to go back into the hospital (which I declined), and sent to my regular doctor to check in with the following day.
My regular doc agrees with the OB, by the way.

I'm really stressed this summer, which isn't helping with getting that blood pressure regulated. What's stressing me? 1-Our bathroom floor is caving in and we are living with my mother-in-law while it's being fixed. It was supposed to be finished 2 weeks ago, not started on yet. 2-I have a huge sensitivity to chemicals (like the type used in remodeling houses). nough said there. 3- My mother-in-law has several dozen beautiful lilies in her yard that have a huge emotional attachment to them & I am insanely allergic to. 4- Our finances are in some kind of whirl wind right now. 5- Potty training. 6- Everyone is getting more out of shape no matter how much we try and work at getting in shape. 7- Daily whining and complaining to go home. 8- John is away for a few weeks this summer working with KY Changers. 9- Constant whining for daddy. 10- Nia is away for camp this week and will then join John with Changers. 11- Constant whining for Nia. 12- Anara has a hundred or so places to be all of the time. 13- There is no railing or banister on the stairwell at my mother-in-law's house. 14- I can't leave the boys alone for a second without them breaking something expensive or hurting themselves. 15- My doctor wanted me back in the hospital. I'm trying to take care of 3 kids by myself when a doctor doesn't think I'm well enough to even take care of myself. 16- I'm supposed to have this surgery with a 6 to 8 week recovery time. John has not a single hour of vacation time left. I won't be able to do stairs and have no clue when I can move back into my house. Oh, and who in the heck is going to take care of my 4 kids while I lay in bed for 2 months. Whew! I thought getting that out would make me feel better, but I think typing all that out might just send me into a panic attack.

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