03 July 2014

Surgery Scheduled

Feeling a bit down today. Went in to schedule my surgery today, which thankfully I was able to do (A few weeks ago I went into schedule it and was told I wasn't well enough to do so). Here are the issues I'm looking at though...
The doctor feels a complete hysterectomy is the best option (no arguments here). However, with my current size, a hysterectomy becomes a very difficult procedure to perform. So, the best way to do it is vaginally. Since I recently had a 10 pound baby, the doctor feels this shouldn't be too hard. BUT, it's possible that he won't he able to safely and will only know if it's doable once he gets in there with a scope. He isn't comfortable doing a hysterectomy on me with my size in another way. If he gets in there with a scope and feels it's too challenging to accomplish a vaginal hysterectomy, then he will do a novasure. Novasure cauterizes the inside of the uterus & aids women with extreme bleeding issues. Either way, the bleeding during my periods will either be gone or won't be as bad... all the other issues it may or may not improve. dizziness, blacking out, migraines, cramps, extreme backaches, swelling, crazy weight gain before my period, mood swings, hot/cold flashes, fluctuating blood pressure, those things are only going to go away with my ovaries gone.
The surgery is scheduled for the 17th, we'll see how it goes.

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