18 July 2014

Recovery: quick update

It's almost 7 am and I've been in the hospital for about 24 hours now. I came in yesterday to have a scope done with the possibility of either having a hysterectomy or a nova-sure procedure done. When Dr. Gapp got inside me with a scope he found several endometriosis tumors so the nova-sure option was then out the window. Thankfully the tumors do not appear to cancerous, but did need to come out.
So, my most dreaded part of this whole ordeal is finally hear, the recovery. And I'm feeling a pinch silly for being so worried about it. After as sick as I have been since Ember was born, I finally have some relief. Yesterday after I got to my room (post surgery), my response to John when he asked how I was feeling was, "I realize I've got some big pain killers in me, but I think I feel better now than I have in months." I've allowed to pain killers to wear off and I'm now certain I feel better now than I have in months. As I began to realize how well I was doing was more than just my meds, I started crying tears of joy. So, now my biggest dilemma now is that I'm supposed to be resting and laying around in bed for the next 6 weeks, when for the first time in a long time I actually feel like I want to get out and do things. I do realize that the hormone issues that come along with a complete hysterectomy can be really hard to handle over the coming weeks, but at least the pain is gone and menstrual related migraines. I have a lot more energy today than usual too. My abdomen is obviously score & bloated.

One of the seriously scary parts of this has been my blood pressure. It has running about 150/105 on medication. It's not an absolute certainty that my blood pressure has been totally hormonal related, but this morning it was 111/69 with no blood pressure medication today and only 1/2 of my blood pressure medication yesterday, so my hopes are high. We are also hoping that my issues with blacking out are gone, but we will only know this with time.

My recovery time...
My nurse came just came and they will allow me to go home sometime after breakfast. I am not allowed to leave the house or really do anything for the first 2 weeks. My nurse threw in there, especially tending to kids. After this point I can start doing a few things like go out to dinner or maybe to church. After the 4th week, I can build up closer to normal activity. Like fry and egg, but not make a whole meal. After week 6, I can start getting back to normal and week 8 I can resume normal activities. It should be about 6 months before I feel normal according to my doctor. 6 months! That is time frame that had me scared out of whits. If today is any indication on how the next 6 months will, I think I'll be ok.

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