23 July 2014

Birthday Weekend

Anara's and Cameron's birthdays are 2 days a part. We call the day in the middle (the 20th of July) between day. This time of year for the Richard's family is generally a 3 day party event that Anara begins planning before the decorations from the last party are even taken down. This year we ran into several snags for the party-palooza. For starters I had surgery 2 days beforehand. Then there is that thing that we STILL are not back in our house yet. Grandma, daddy, and Nia did a great job at making the weekend fun and special for them though. John and I took Anara out on a mommy-daddy-daughter date the night before my surgery. Nia decorated grandma's house the night before Anara's birthday. Between day was celebrated at Chuck-e-cheese. Anara and Cameron had never been there, and they loved it. Grandma ordered birthday cakes for each of them and made Ember and I a gluten free cake. I was of course not in on much of the birthday action from my bed, but they did bring me cake!

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