01 August 2014

2 Week Post-op Update

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery and I can never remember feeling better. Ever. This however, does make it a challenge to stay in bed. I start feeling pain when I've sat up for more than maybe half an hour at a time and I'm finding my daily limit right now is about 2 hours. Pass that amount and I'm not getting out of bed the next day. I was told that I should see a significant difference in this timing in another 2 or 3 weeks. I can also tell when my pain medication has worn off. I'm not in horrendous pain at that point, but I definitely want my next dose. John takes me on short drives about once a day and I can go on short walks.

What's hard for me right now...
1. My head is having a hard time processing feeling so much better than I have in years, but still needing rest and recover. I still have 6 weeks of recovery before the doctor said I should feel, "like a normal person." I'm really excited about that point in time. When I woke up from surgery, I felt better than I have felt in a long time and each day I get a little better.
2. I hear my babies crying and not being able to fix them and not being an active parent in general. It's tough listening to someone else put Ember to bed every night and  listening to him scream about it. Em has gone from only taking a step or two every few days to becoming a toddler that almost always walks in these last two weeks, and I've missed almost every moment of it. Cameron is being completely spoiled and getting away with murder. Cameron has jumped on my stomach twice (really painful, and could have been really serious) so I can't really be alone with him.
3. The girls, I am able to parent a little easier, but it's still tough. I can call for them, and they will come to me, but that's not really the same.
4. John's off work to take care of things at home. He has been able to pick up some side stuff, but it's a lot less money than if he were working his job.
5. Cabin fever.

What's awesome...
1. I have got more planning done for school this year than I have probably had done communicatively for the last 3 years.
2. I haven't had to cook a thing in 2 weeks, and I won't for another 6. I HATE cooking, but with a family of 6 I spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else.
3. I've got to watch a lot of TV that I have picked myself. I don't usually get to do that.
4. The most awesome thing is the amount of time I've been able to spend with John just talking.

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