26 August 2014

Getting Back On Track

My recovery has had a bit of a derailment over the last few weeks. Apparently what we thought was an urinary tract infection was actually a massive infection at the site of my surgery. I'll spare you the gory details, but I was knocked totally back in bed. My doctor said my recovery time table had me looking more like I was at the 2 week mark than the 5 week mark when he saw me. Eeep! I have sooo much to do. To catch up on. I have spent the last week asleep almost the entire time. Yesterday, I really saw things starting to turn around for better though. Today, I am feeling much, much better. Not as well as I was hoping or even expecting to feel 5 1/2 weeks after my surgery, but leaps and bounds better than any day last week. My recovery was timed perfectly for the kids to start back to school today. More on that later.

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