02 January 2014

A Family Resolution

I'm not generally someone that is into making New Year resolutions, however this year John and I decided to make one (a really big one actually) for the whole family. We are changing the way we eat and making it a definite priority to get active. So what exactly are we changing...

We have decided to only eat 'real food' for starters. If you're not familiar with the term, here is a great blog post on how to explain it to kids. I think it is also a great way to explain it to adults. Basically, eating real food is totally passing up food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils,  fast food, and unnatural preservatives. Also, eat minimum amounts of food with with white flour, sugar, and rice. We are adding anything deep fried and pork to the list of things to totally avoid. So what does that leave us... fruits, vegetables, whole grains (including nuts and beans), lean meats, and seafood. John and I are also using the app/web site lose it. We are also doing work out videos and planning to purchase an elliptical machine. We are looking at this one.

Why are we doing it...

For starters, we probably were eating a little healthier than many families out there. Well, until we moved back home (to our hometown in KY). There are several factors here that have contributed to our nutrition falling into a downward spiral these last few months, but here are the top excuses I can think of: we have been busier than ever before, eating out is a little cheaper here, our parents are here and take us out to eat regularly, our parents also frequently bring yummy junk food to the house, the girls have outgrown their gluten issues (making up for lost time on those gluten loaded goodies), and southern baptist don't seem to do anything without food. We went to a Vineyard church in Columbus, Church met 1/4 as often and food was a special event type of thing. Baptist meet much more often, for longer periods, and there is almost always food.

Adding to this is the fact that we are barely moving. I guess all of those steps between parking lots/garages and buildings that are kind of far away add up. In small towns, parking is right next to the door just about everywhere you go. There was also walking to get the mail, walking to take trash out, well you get the picture. We have a great yard, but the kids don't seem to know what to do with themselves off of a sidewalk (we are working on this one). So, we are making it a point to move, move, move!

Another big motivator has been a few recent issues with my heart. Heart issues are not new to me, they have just changed a bit here recently. Healthier lifestyle + lower weight = healthier heart for this momma. We are not exactly sure what is going on at this point, I had a brief hospital stay just before Christmas. I have a doctor's appointment is in about 14 hours, prayers for answers and a quick and easy treatment are welcome.


  1. This is a great resolution! :) I'll be supporting you in prayer, but let me know how else I can help! If you have a warehouse store near you, that's a good place to start - I go to Costco and pick up tons of veggies. It's great to have a bag of already prepped snow peas, broccoli, carrots, etc, ready to just be eaten or thrown into the meal. I find that it's way easier to deal with and incorporate veggies when I don't have to stand and prep them forever before using them!

  2. Thank you Megan! No Costcos in this area, but there is a Sam's a few towns over that we go to about once a month. I've never bought many veggies there, but I'll look for them the next time we go. Thanks for the idea!