09 January 2014

Getting There

I've lost 10 pounds!! So I still have about 10 to go before I am the weight I was when we moved back to our hometown just months ago, then what feels like a billion more before I hit my goal weight, but it's a start. A good start actually. The first 5 happened after leaving my brief hospital stay last month. I wasn't 'trying' very hard then, just kind of watching what I was eating more. This last week I have really been working at it. I Picked up the LoseIt app (this is not a paid advertisement) and I have to tell ya, it's really been a God send. I've watched my mom do a thousand diets that I know I could NEVER keep up with. I personally did L.A. Weight Lose many years ago and found it to be horrifically challenging and expensive to do everything the right way. I've tried counting carbs and a handful of fad diets in the past. This seems much easier than any of that. Although I'm just in my first week of using it, so it could be new diet euphoria going on at this point.

About lose it... Basically, you enter your height, weight, and sex and it tells you how many calories to eat to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week or remain at the same weight. You log what you eat and when you exercise and the app does the counting for you. 

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