17 January 2014

My Recent Hospital Visit

Last month I spent a little time in the hospital. I was admitted after going to the E.R. for chest pains and a rapidly fluctuating blood pressure, along with dizziness, blackouts, and memory loss. After a zillion test came back normal and seeing several doctors, I was sent home and told to stop taking my vitamins until I was able to follow up with a primary care physician. I got home and felt worse and worse.
So, what was going on...
When I finally got in to see a primary care physician (I hadn't chosen one since moving in the fall), he thankfully knew exactly what was going on. In a nutshell, I was having a fibromyalgia flare up in the form of muscle spasms in the muscles that surround my heart.
The longer explanation:
I have fibromyalgia (this is not new, I've had it for a long time). People with fibromyalgia do not process nutrients properly and their bodies over react to things that their bodies sense as toxic. I take vitamins and avoid certain things to manage this. The muscle spasms started because I didn't have enough of somethings (vitamin and mineral type things) and a toxin was introduce to my system. The rest of the symptoms were either caused by the muscle spasms or what was causing the muscle spasms. I didn't realize this was a fibromyalgia flare up because I usually have an immense amount of pain when I have a flare up. Other than the chest pain, I wasn't having any pain at all. When I stopped taking my vitamins my symptoms got worse because I was becoming more and more depleted of the vitamins that were already low.
The treatment for all this was to go back on my vitamins. Yesterday, I had been home from the hospital for exactly one month and I'm happy to report it was the first day I felt like a fully functioning human again.

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