14 March 2014

Things I Recommend For Toddlers...

I will start by saying I have not been paid or am I affiliated with any of the below listed products or their companies. They are just things I like and thought you might also.

First up is the app Endless Alphabet which can be found here. The price is $6.99.

It is a rarity that I would recommend an app, especially one for a toddler. It is also an extreme rarity that I would pay 7 bucks for an app. In the 5 years our family has owned an iPad, I can remember exactly 4 apps that have cost this much or more that we have purchased. However, after playing this app for a couple of weeks, Cameron (age 2), has begun sounding out words that he encounters without prompting. Yes folks, this app has gotten my 2 year old to start reading words. Not by memorizing the shape of the word, but by using phonics. He hasn't picked up a book and tried to read it or anything that crazy, but if there is something he sees with a label on it that he wants, he has been sounding it out so he can tell us he wants it. He has done 5 words outside of the ones in the app so far for me.

And the next item is a Mommy's Helper Step Up potty seat found here on amazon for $23.45.

This has made not only potty time easier for us, but maneuvering in our small bathroom much less hazardous. It folds up, leans against the wall, and takes up much less space than a step stool and potty seat combo or the traditional little potty seat. The handles give Cameron a sense of stability. I would always have to help him hop down to his stool with the seat we had before this one. One warning though, you have to get it on properly. Notice in the picture above how the toilet seat is raised, if you don't do this the child seat can slip off with the child on it. Nothing worse than falling half naked from a any height when there is pee or poo involve. I would think that could be a definite potty training set back. 

And my final item is The First Years Insulated Sippy Cup found here 2 for $6.99.

These aren't the absolute best for not leaking, but I really haven't found a sippy cup that doesn't leak some. I like these because there are no valves. I HATE things with many pieces. I think when a house gets a certain number of people living in it, pieces just never seem to stay with their corresponding pieces. Since we are a family of 6, I think we have exceeded that number. If I manage to keep up with valves to sippy cups, I frankly get really annoyed by them either wearing out or by the extra time it takes getting them properly into their holes. I will only be buying this variety of sippy cup from now on.

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