16 March 2014

Heart Update

The 2nd of January I was told my heart issues were caused by my fibromyalgia. I have muscle spasms in the muscles surrounding my heart that cause my blood pressure and heart rate to bounce around like a yo-yo. It makes me feel like a zombie when it’s happening. It comes and goes. Sometimes it last a few minutes, sometimes days. In December it lasted for 3 straight weeks. I can go several weeks without any issues then bam, I'm down for the count. I've know for 2 1/2 months what is causing me to feel so horrible, but my doctor has yet to tell me how to get relief from the issue, or hinted at any plan. My first visit about the issue I was told to get back onto my vitamins (I was taken off of them by a doctor when I was hospitalized in December) that I take to help control my fibromyalgia. I did, and the muscle spasms got better after a few days back on my vitamins, but only stayed that way for a few days. Since they come and go anyway, I'm not thinking the vitamins have much effect the vitamins have at all. I haven't been handling being sick very well at all. I get really, really depressed the first day of it and continue to be depressed until I'm well again. I’m grouch and not nice at all to anyone. Then I’m depressed for not being nice, even once I'm better this still really bothers me. When I do feel well, I live in complete fear that I will trigger something that makes my heart spasm. I have another doctor’s appointment this coming week, I pray I can get some relief.

update on March 17, 2014: So, I spent last night in the hospital... again. I was there for about 30 hours and have been told they have now run every test on my heart they can and my heart is fine. I'll write a new post telling a little more about the visit.

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