30 May 2011

Black Widow

Today the girls came running down stairs to report they saw a spider in their room. I didn't think much of it, we see little spiders all of the time. Then Nia drew a picture of it. I immediately knew it was a black widow, but I googled some images of different types of spiders to show the girls to make sure I wasn't jumping to conclusions from my 11 year old's drawing.

They picked out the black widow and said that was it. Being pregnant I thought it would probably be bad news to be bitten by a black widow and I know a bite can kill small small children, so I explained to Nia the situation and she wanted to go hunt it down and kill it. My instinct was to leave for the day and wait for my hubby to get home to kill the ferocious beast, but I decided to not to squash the bravery of sweet daughter and explained to her how careful she should be. I have to say I was really nervous while she was upstairs, but it only took her a few minutes to find it and kill it. GO NIA!!!!! You are my hero.

update: Killing the spider has really given Nia a new found bravery. She is now the official spider and bug killer in our family. This is really awesome considering just months ago seeing either generally sent her screaming and sometimes crying out of a room.

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