28 May 2011

Grocery Store

I shop at Kroger usually for groceries. Today everything seemed to be just a little more expensive than last week. Many things by about 50 or 75 cents and a few by a dollar or more. I am on a budget so I walk around the store with a calculator. According to my calculations I had spent just under $120, but when I got to the register the totals were not adding up the same. I had only brought $127 with me and I had planned on spending less than $100. It wasn't until I hit total that the 'store card' discount was calculated on some items. I find this very annoying. Why bother allowing me to see a running total if some 'discounts' are not factored in. When I first hit total there were several items in my cart that I had decided not to get because I didn't think I had enough money. After my total went down I ultimately bought them, but I wonder how many sales they loss because of this. My total was $119.36. Thats only 5 days of food. Our grocery bill has just about doubled in the last few weeks due to my newly diagnosed gestational diabetes and the already known wheat allergy. At the very end of our trip I really think I almost had a heart attack when I realized one of our bags was left in the store. So maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but  I quickly sent Nia back into the store, grabbed Ann and headed in after her. By the Grace of God it was still there. The stress of it all sent me into a fairly painful contraction, but all is well.

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