29 May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Today was a great day. The kids behaved really well all day. John was mostly in a good mood. And I felt well most of the day. I slept in. Nia brought breakfast upstairs to me. We went to the park for a picnic and they were having a special nature exhibit for the holiday. We played a little xbox connect and then we went to Grater's for ice cream. At Greater's they were having a buy one scoop get one free special and after flirting with Nia the teenage boy at the register gave us some kind of additional discount.  John didn't realize exactly what had happened with our bill until I explained it to him later. His face showed a look of confusion, hurt, dismay, and general uneasiness. After coming home, John and I finished up our school work for the quarter and Nia volunteered to make dinner. She did an awesome job and even surprised us with a desert of her own recipe. It was kind of like cake. There wasn't even a slight argument at bath time or bed time and Nia asked me to hold her before she went to bed. Ahhh, if only everyday could go this well, mmm without the teenage boy flirting with daughter.

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