30 May 2011

Youth Space

God has called my husband and me to start a youth ministry at Vineyard Reynoldsburg. The church has  been blessed with a space to use for free as long as we renovate it. Here are some before pics. It is in really rough shape.

These first few pics are of the room in the worst shape. It was once the home of a beauty parlor!

Below are hook ups for sinks in the beauty shop.

Another room in bad shape.

This room is good, we probably won't have to do any work in here. Well, maybe paint.

This room also in good shape, I think it needed some dry wall repair and the curtains are all torn up.

Men's restroom. Minimal plumbing needs replaced in toilet and more drywall repair.

Utility closet, just needs a volunteer to clean it out!

Hallway outside women's restroom.

Women's restroom. Just needs the same plumbing repairs as the men's.


This light is in the hall, I thought is was kinda retro funky cool.

Main worship area. Complete with a stage! This pic doesn't do it justice as far as it's size. It seems much bigger in person.

Off the worship area. Behind John and Richard there is an entrance to a little 'cottage' area. John kept hitting his head on the decorative pieces you see in this pic so it (the decorative pieces) were ripped out this weekend when they started renovations. We want to turn the cottage itself in a little coffee shop area, but we don't know if running water to the space is financially a good idea.

The next two pics show the top of this blue wall. The owners have asked us to restore it in some way. It was once the lane of a bowling alley that was in this space! How cool is that?

Entrance to cottage area that was removed.

The Stage
The plan here is to remove the back and left false walls along with the awning part that is over the stage. That will give us about 3 more feet front to back and more space side to side. The ceiling in this space is wood painted silver. We are going to leave it silver and the wood is great for sound.

Behind the stage. We know we will have to find a way to block the light from window. I am thinking a thick curtain to cover the entire back wall.

One of the rooms inside cottage. 

John and a group of his friends did some renovations this week end and I will ad those pics later. I don't have before pics of the area they worked on though. They worked on the floor in a room next to the stage and removed plaster from a wall that is in a large space next to the worship area. We are planning on using that large space as a rec area with pool and ping pong tables and other game type stuff.

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