30 May 2011

Cute kid things

A few cute things the kids have done lately....

Nia has become a very good cook lately and she really likes doing it. The other night she repeated asked me what I was making for dinner. I wasn't realizing this was her way of say she was really hungry. After a couple of hours of me say I wasn't sure yet she just went into the kitchen and made dinner. Complete with desert of her own recipe. It was a not to sweet chocolate cake made from bisquick and oats and was very yummy.

Nia made a pretend paper phone for her little sister with the cool features of a fancy phone.

me: Ann go pick out 1 toy to take to the doctor's office with you
Ann thinks a minute and runs into the living grabbing my laptop.

Nia enters the the room wearing John's hat and states, "I look totally cute in this! Mom, do I look totally cute in this or what?"
me, "You do look totally cute in dad's hat."
Nia, "I'm totally steeling it for the day!"
This was the day, the hat at this point was actually on the dog on the back of the couch, which she also carried around all day. I think she just wanted to feel closer to daddy that day.

Ann was playing a computer game and picked up my phone and started playing another game on it. They are both educational. My dilemmas 1) am I proud of her for multi tasking or tell her to unplug? 2) She gets 2 hours of tv/game time, does this count as double time since she is doing 2 at once?

Took kids to the park for a picnic
As we are driving through the wooded area of the park Ann says. "Mom, this isn't a play park, it's a tree factory."

Ann, "mom, I don't NEED to learn how to read, you already read everything for me."

Ann. "Why do I need to learn my address? I don't want to."
Me, "So if you get lost someone can help you find your way home."
Ann, "Don't worry mom, if I get lost, you will just come find me."

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