14 May 2011

leg pain

I have been really bummed the last few days. I am off bedrest. It has been really nice outside. I am supposed to be out getting exercise, which I want to do. However, my leg is killing me! I have had 17 breaks in my left leg and a moray of other incidences that cause that leg to give me grief. Bedrest made it weak and as soon as I got off bedrest I started doing more exercise. So, now it is in fairly bad shape. I would really like to see a doctor that can 'fix' it, but I just don't think there is one out there that can rewind the woes of time and the abuse it's seen.

update: I saw a chiropractor that told me I had a pinched nerve that ran down my leg. He said this is fairly common in pregnancy. I've had a few adjustments, lots of ice on my hips to relax the mussels that pinch the nerves, and have gotten several hip and leg massages from my wonderful John. My leg is feeling much better now and my other leg, which I didn't even realize was hurting, is feeling better also.

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