14 November 2013

A Few More Photos

A trip to the pool... also known as 'My first outing with ALL four children without another adult' Granted, this wasn't a car trip, but whew, leaving the house with 4 kids in tow deserves it's own olympic sport.

Ember chillin' in the shade while his siblings swam. I did put his feet in. He hate, Hate, HATES being wet, so this was not a pleasant experience for him. This kid even hates his bath.

All the excitement of pool time wears a baby out, lets sleep on the couch. I should add here that I was technically on doctor ordered full rest so when he was sleeping on the couch all of those times, I was laying right next to him not asleep or even tired.

This painting progressed over several years. The first 3 feet, green (John's), orange (mine), and navy (Sania's) were done in 2007. I waited to do the yellow (Anara's) until 2009. We were not planning on more kids at that point, but I wanted her foot to be somewhat proportional to the larger ones and I thought this would allow room for another child's foot if we happened to have or adopt one. Tha blue foot (Cameron's) was added this year about a month before I had Ember. The final pale blue foot (Ember's) was added just 2 weeks after his birth. 

Another trip to the pool. 

This was the day after we changed Ember's formula to Soy. He turned from a colicy, constantly screaming baby to a very happy baby overnight. Look how skinny he was getting.

Another of my favorites, I think the picture below really captures both of their personalities. 

Batter up!

Another picture I took to text to my mom. This monitor was a baby gift from her and I was showing her how clear the picture is.

Ember was wearing Cameron's old Halloween costume here. When Ember cries, Cameron does his best to console him. Here he had brought Ember his favorite Woody doll and his favorite blanket which he happened to steal from his sister (It's a floral covered comforter).

Nia being goofy! That would be a crochet ipad cover on her head.

Awesome drawing Anara did. 

Awesome drawing of Anara that Sania did. I have two budding artist.

Close up of the zebra.

Anara at her friend Sophia's dance recital.

No I am not above bribing my pantless two year with ice cream in the car so that I may have a few quiet minutes.

At the Dayton Air Force Museum. This was father's day. My husband requested we go there because he knew a grocery in Dayton was a test store for the products below.

Then he spent his father's day spending cash on this treat for the girls and I.

Ember swaddled in his cradle. 

One very beautifully annoyed Anara. I told her that she is so pretty when she is mad that I may have to make her mad more often. She tried really hard to stay angry after I said that, but soon smiled and fell into my arms laughing.

Made individual pot pies for everyone with that pie crust above.

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