19 November 2013

Christian Way Farm

Over fall break for the local school system, our church took the elementary kids to Christian Way Farm. John and I took the opportunity to make it a day where we just focused on Anara. We try to give each kid as much one on one time as possible, but it has been a bit challenging with all the moving and newness going on in our lives recently. We all really enjoyed our trip out to the farm. It was nice to see how our kid that left behind city life just a few weeks ago felt so at home on a farm. It took us about 3 weeks after moving to Kentucky to convince her it was ok to play on the grass, so I wasn't sure exactly how she would react to sloshing through mud and farm animals. She had a blast and loved every bit of her time there.

They have an awesome way of telling the story of salvation with a pumpkin

Hulling feed corn the old fashion way

This is our friend Julian

Feeding goats some of that corn that was just hulled

Hay ride

Look at that perfect pumpkin Anara picked out!

Julian's older brother Shawn

This was a cool little ride

Anara with Amelia, who happens to be Shawn's and Julian's sister.

There is also a corn maze, playground made partially from hay bales, and a mini golf course at this farm. All of us had a really great time and we will be going back!

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